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Myddleware makes complex data integration operations easier


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Myddleware is free and open-source !

Install it directly on your server and follow our tutorials on the community website to set up your integration rules. 





We have connected our Myddleware 's demo environnement to Prestashop, SuiteCRM and Moodle. Try Myddleware now using the login demo and the password demodemo. Please click on the following button to open Myddleware. 


Myddleware 's demo

They trust our expertise in data integration

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Why you should use Myddleware

Data integration operations are known to be stressful, costly and challenging. We decided to make it easier for you by creating an intuitive user-friendly platform.


Myddleware draws on the power of open source to offer a free solution that meets your very needs.


Myddleware helps you undertake complex data integration operations without a single line of code.


Myddleware integrates seamlessly with your other applications, increasing your productivity.

Have a specific need ? Just name it.

Myddleware can undertake complex data merging and linking operations, manage queues, establish bi-directional flows and enable near real-time synchronisation !

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We make complex data integration easier

Finding the right data integration tool that adapts to your business activity is not the easiest task. Especially if you need to cut down on IT expenses and/or want to handle your data yourself. Here at Myddleware, we thought of a solution that meets both imperatives.

Connect your apps and integrate your data without developer help

Follow these steps and handle complexe data integration more easily

1. Download Myddleware

2. Connect your apps together by reading our tutorials on the community website

3. Set your own data integration rules. Please check our community forum for more guidance 


Myddleware connected apps

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